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Icons, rules & add me! [22 Apr 2006|11:57pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Friends Only!

They like to have these things to read on wet afternoons....

» This is a (Friends Only) icon journal. Abide the few rules & nobody gets hurt.
» Credit is a must for all icons you take from here to use elsewhere. Why the big deal? Because in the past, if someone I didn't like (it happens when people are jerks) was using my icons, I'd said not to & they'd tell me "It's not yours; I got it from someone else" then I had to prove it was mine. Much easier if I'm credited.
» If you take any, lemme know by commenting. It makes me feel warm & fuzzy inside.
» Don't hotlink. Don't coldlink, either.
» Don't claim any of my images as your own. That's just mean & mean people suck.
» I don't claim these icons to be awesome. But I'm learning & if someone gets a kick out of them, then yay!
» And remember....


» Add me?

--Indeedingly yours,
melchy aka rjeeves
43 said Indeed, sir.Indeed, sir.

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